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North SONAR HMHigh Modulus Carbon Mast





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Impossibly thin. Impressively fast. We’ve reduced the thickness of the submerged portion of our new High Modulus Prepreg Carbon masts by over 15% compared to our standard Carbon masts, while also increasing both bending and torsional stiffness. The HM80 favours disciplines without wind ... power - prone surf, pump and downwind. The shorter chord length over the entire mast length reduces drag and increases manoeuvrability. This delivers more glide, more efficient pumping, and quicker turns. The HM85 covers all disciplines, with a focus on wing-foiling. Wind-powered disciplines require edging against the wind to create forward drive. Some of this drive comes from the front wing, and some comes from the mast. To efficiently provide this drive, the chord length in the submerged part of the mast is slightly longer. It increases near the top of the mast to maximise stiffness with no drag penalty, as this part of the mast is clear of the water once on foil. A more efficient underwater body shape means less drag and, hence, high and easier-to-reach top-end speed. Ventilation on the mast is now a thing of the past. We paid particular attention to this detail, so no matter the sea state, ventilation on the mast's TE is significantly reduced. The HM105 has been optimised for racing. The thickness of the submerged part of the mast is a further 1mm thinner than the HM80 and HM85, to provide maximum top-end speed. As a result this mast is not for jumping. Like the HM85, the chord length in the submerged region has been tailored to provide good upwind drive, while the chord length increases above the waterline to maximise stiffness. A more efficient underwater body shape means less drag and, hence, high and easier-to-reach top-end speed.

product code: 85004.240071


  • 15% thinner
  • Increased bending and torsional stiffness
  • Reduced drag
  • HM80 for Prone
  • Pump and Downwind
  • HM85 all disciplines
  • HM105 optimised for kitefoiling and wingfoil racing


  • High Modulus Prepreg Carbon

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