North Next Gen Rider Jett Bradshaw

Interview with North Next Gen rider Jett Bradshaw and his mentor, Graham Howes.

Graham Howes

Q1. Please introduce your grom to us. If you have been to Cape Town, chances are, you’ll know Jett. You would have seen him flying through the air, across the beach, or hyping everyone in the Car Park. His energy on and off the water is infectious. He’s always in FULL SEND mode. The sky's the limit for Jett!

Q2. What’s it like riding on the water together? Jett has ‘Go Big or Go Home’ ‘Full Send or No Send’ engraved in his brain, there’s no half measures.. and it rubs off on everyone around him, including me. When we ride together, we constantly push each other to “go bigger, get the kite lower and let's take shorter lines... lets jump over that harbour wall” etc.. haha you know how it goes...

Q3. How does it feel to be inspiring the next generation of riders? It’s a real privilege to have such talented riders looking up to me for inspiration and guidance. To be able to take what I’ve learnt on and off the water, how to make a career out of the sport you love and maintain it. Ride smarter, build a personal brand. It’s all stuff I wish someone taught me, but now with this knowledge, it’s amazing to be able to pass it on to the Next Gen.

Q4. Any advice for the next generation? I’m a bit cynical when it comes to advice. I believe the days are over of, just having talent, and being the best rider on the water. In the past this has worked for people but with social media and the sport growing and progressing so fast, you really need a roadmap to becoming a Professional Kiteboarder. You also need to be a good all rounder at life. Realize how import human connections are, brand yourself with what makes you special and unique. And something I’ve realized lately is to look after your mind, like you do your body, you won't be able to achieve your dreams, if you can't find focus and go after your goals with everything you got.

Jett Bradshaw

Q1. What it’s like riding with your mentor? Being so new to the sport, I would be lost without the guidance of G Ram (Graham). Not only is he brilliant on the water, he understands the mechanics of the industry, always advising me on when to charge harder and when to take things easy.

Q2. What trick/goal are you working on? Short Line Boogy

Q3. Why North? It’s simple, for any Big Air Kiter to be on the international North team is huge. Born to compete I needed to be part of a largely competitive and stable team of riders I can look up to and aspire to be. Then to have Alex Vliege as a Team Manager, you do not get better,

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