North Next Gen Rider Capucine Delannoy

Interview with North Next Gen rider Capucine Delannoy and her mentor, Camille Delannoy

Camille Delannoy

 Q1. Please introduce your grom to us. Capucine is my sister, she is 14 and has been kiting for 4 years now. Her thing is surf strapless freestyle, as you might have seen from the videos. In my opinion (and I’m not just saying this because she is my sister) she is the most talented strapless freestyle girl out there today.

Q2. What’s it like riding on the water together? It’s a lot of fun but mostly very motivating. We ride together most of the time and it really creates emulation on the water. It’s also cool to be able to share something like that with her and have the same passion.

Q3. How does it feel to be inspiring the next generation of riders? Haha I don’t know if I’m inspiring the next generation but I’m doing my best to motivate them to continue what they are doing and to push hard on the water.

Q4. Any advice for the next generation? Spend has much time as you can on the water and enjoy the process.

Capucine Delannoy

Q1. What do you love about riding North? Everything, the power, the little details which makes the perfection , the design ( it’s important to look good on the water, isn’t it?)… This is THE BRAND!!

Q2. What trick / goal are you working on this year? I have a few tricks this year I am working on, I also want to improve my waves riding as much as I can and my goal this year if the competitions happen is to win an event.

Q3. Anything you want to add about your North mentee? What’s it like riding with them? I really love to ride with Camille, it is so cool to be able to share this passion together! Riding together is a lot of fun and challenges me!! When we ride I feel that it helps me to push my limits more and more. I think what I love the most riding together is being able to share the waves and getting away with dropping in on his waves hahaha! I also enjoy having Camille there for tips on the water and celebrating when one of us have a big wave or do a sick roller!!

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