All-new '23 Surf Collection

 Let go of control. Be fluid and free. 

Engineered for versatility. Reactive, responsive, and tuned-in to what’s beyond your control. The new 2023 North Surf Collection is refined for effortless performance. 

 The all-new '23 Surf Collection featuring the Carve Surf / Strapless Freestyle Kite, an all-new Cross Freeride Surfboard, the Charge Performance Surf and the Comp Strapless Freestyle boards, our new collection is engineered for speed, response and ease of use. 

For 2023, North has put the Carve back into its wave riding category. Refined bridling for a longer, more progressive travel means the kite feels smoother and more responsive throughout the full depower range. It is still reactive when you sheet out – to the very end.  

Brand Director Mike Raper rates the kite for its improved overall balance and enhanced drift:  “When you're surfing, it just glides down the line, waiting for your bar input. You have more intuitive control - especially when the kite's not visible while you’re doing a big bottom turn, cut back or you’re in a barrel. This means you can focus 100% on the surf.”.

The 2023 Carve will also relaunch faster in critical situations. Introducing lighter bladders in all sizes and a lighter 2-ply canopy reinforcement reduces weight and helps improve the turning speed in light wind, while still maintaining the Carve's surf-tough durability. 

Introducing our all-new Surfboards

Board Designer Jaimie Scott and team have
engineered the 2023 Cross in a new durable EcoLite Impact Resistant Bamboo construction. The Cross has an all-new surf outline with reduced nose and tail width, which provides a better wave fit for easier, sharper turns and improved control at the top end. They’ve refined the shape with a low-entry rocker to aid acceleration and drive, while more forgiving rounded surf rails provide a responsive feel with locked-in grip.  

Refined in 2023 for improved response, speed and drive, the new Charge delivers an even smoother, more powerful ride with a positive feel and more radical turns. Jaimie says: “Feedback from riders charging some of the world’s biggest waves led to us making very slight refinements to the shape to improve the handling at speed and drive through the turns.".

The Comp Dynalite is engineered for a single purpose: strapless freestyle performance. Faster feedback. Explosive pop.

Engineer Uli Sommerlatt says
the durable low-volume, high-density PVC core design gives the board faster feedback and a more direct rider response. “Its thin profile and lighter weight make handling in the air so much easier.". 

"How does it ride? Like a strapless TwinTip. It can’t get much better than that.".

View the ‘23 Surf Collection here.

Watch the Carve Kite product video here.

Ride the Carve, Cross, Comp or Charge.


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