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North Actionsports

Ozzie’s kiteboarding journey began growing up in Stellenbosch, a small town outside of Cape Town. His father, an avid waterman, took him to the beach after school every day, nurturing a deep connection with the ocean that speaks to his diverse skill set today.  

“I was hooked on kiteboarding literally from day one,” Ozzie says. “My dad has always been deeply connected to the water. He taught me how to kite, and from the very first time I tried it at age 12, I knew that I immediately loved it.” 

North Actionsports

Ozzie tried his hand at all the kiteboarding disciplines. He began with Racing, where he secured three consecutive podium finishes on tour. Yet, he always gravitated back towards the creativity and community he found in Freestyle, Wave Riding, and Big Air. Ozzie’s versatility across the disciplines has earned him an impressive set of titles.

3 x Vice Slalom World Champion

1 x Vice Junior Freestyle World Champion

5 x South African Champion

1 x Vice Champion Red Bull Megaloop 2020