If your kite has been affected then follow steps 2-5 below.

Kites not affected by the specific production batch inconsistency are not included in this free warranty replacement. If in doubt, please check with your retailer before cutting your kite.

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If you purchased your kite in a store, please contact the retailer where you purchased your kite to arrange a free-of-charge replacement under warranty.

If you purchased your kite through our North online store, please complete an online warranty form

You can recycle the following parts from the affected kite:

• Bladders
• Valves
• Pigtails
• Bridles
• Kite Bag
• Repair kit/parts (except for Dacron)
• HyperFlow Pump Hoses and Clamps
• Canopy material can be used for patches


What is the issue?
A material used in the inflated structure on affected kites from a specific production batch may cause the leading edge to burst, normally upon first or subsequent inflation.

What products are affected?
This replacement affects a specific production batch of 8m, 9m, 10m and 11m 2023 Orbits. We are confident the failure rate is extremely low. Please be assured that the material inconsistency was limited to a very small number of kites. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. As a premium brand, we take warranties seriously and put our riders first. We have identified and eliminated the material inconsistency to prevent this issue from reoccurring.

What if my Orbit has been identified with an affected serial code but seems fine. Can I keep flying it?
Your safety is our priority. The majority of kites do not have any issues. However, if the kite is from the affected production batch, we recommend you stop flying the kite and contact your North retailer immediately for a free replacement.

Can I order a replacement kite before I send in the evidence?
No, you must provide photo evidence of the cut serial code to make a warranty claim.

Does this free warranty replacement expire?
This free warranty replacement is for a limited time only. You must contact your retailer to make a warranty claim on your affected 2023 Orbit immediately.

Are shipping costs included for replacement kites?
Yes shipping of new kites to your local retailer is included in this replacement warranty offer.
Shipping costs for kites returned to retailers is not included.

How long will it take for me to receive the replacement kite?
We have new Orbits in stock, and these will be shipped without delay to your retailer upon submitting the warranty claim. Please note that there may be delays beyond our control. Check with your retailer for tracking on your delivery.

What if my Orbit does not have a serial code badge?
Stop using your kite immediately and contact our Customer Service team for further instructions. All authentic North Products have a verified Serial Code Badge.