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Video QR Installation Guide


What is the issue?

Customers may experience the accidental opening of the Quick Release Safety Loop in a small number of the first production batch of the 2024 Navigator Pro Control System. North has traced this issue to the 'knurled pin' within the Connect Quick Release (QR) part. It is possible for the knurled pin to disengage from the QR body, which may cause an accidental opening of the Safety Loop. 

What products are affected? 
Only a small number of QR parts in the first production batch of the 2024 Navigator Pro Control System are affected. Customers can identify whether their Navigator Pro is in the affected batch by using the Serial Code Checker.

What if my Navigator Pro has been identified as one of the affected batch but seems fine. Can I keep using it? 
No. DO NOT USE OR RESELL a 2024 Navigator Pro Control System that may be affected until the QR part has been replaced.  


Can I order a replacement QR before I complete the return process? 
If your Navigator Pro is in the affected production batch, you will be directed to complete an online warranty form to order your free replacement QR. You do not need to return the old QR to North.  

Does this free warranty replacement expire? 
The warranty on your Nav Pro lasts for 12 months from the date of purchase depending on your regional laws, or if you registered your product online within 6 weeks of purchase, you have an additional six months of warranty.  


Are shipping costs included for the replacement Quick Release? 

Yes, we will provide free delivery of the replacement QR. 


How long will the replacement QR take to arrive? 
You can expect your replacement QR to arrive within 2-3 weeks. 

How do I replace the QR?
Visit your local North Retailer or Service Centre for a free QR replacement service. If you choose to DIY, please watch the entire Installation Guide video here before you begin and follow all instructions carefully.  
You can download the 3D Print File for the jig mentioned in the video here
North recommends any repair work is carried out by an authorized North Shop or Service Centre. Find a store
What do I do with the old QR that may be affected? 
Once the old QR has been removed from your Navigator Pro, please dispose of the entire QR body part responsibly. Do not dispose of the Harness Loop and Security Finger, as these will be reused with the new QR.