Welcome onboard Annabel van Westerop!

We’re proud to announce Annabel van Westerop is joining North Kiteboarding.

Aside from being a part of our growing team of strong athletes, Annabel is actively involved with North’s marketing team leading up to the product launch by conducting her university internship at North’s Brand and Design Centre in New Zealand. She's been busy both in the office and on the water!

Mike Raper, Director of Brand says “we have a huge amount of respect for Annabel, and what she’s achieved so far. We’re very excited to start this new journey with her, we know she’ll be a huge asset to the brand long term.”

Originally from the Netherlands, Annabel grew up in Aruba and learnt to kitesurf when she was 14. Living the Caribbean dream, she trained most days at her local spot, the Fishersmen’s Huts. 

Annabel has been at the top of the freestyle world rankings for years, becoming vice world champion in 2017, and wants to continue to develop a strong and inspiring image of female kiteboarding. 

Annabel says, “I am extremely excited to be representing and working with a brand that I feel will create a major new movement within the kiteboarding industry. I believe in the vision of the brand and its team and feel honoured to work with such passionate, kind, and knowledgeable people.”