Tried & Tested : The Orbit '22 by IKSurf

"The Kite of Kings provides lofty jumps with powerful loops, but it's easy enough to fly that any rider will have a fun time on the water." — IKSurf Mag 2022

 "Since the Orbit hit the kiteboarding scene, it's done nothing short of thrive within The Big Air scene. In 2019/20, North's Jesse Richman took the first edition Orbit to a podium finish at the King of The Air, with Marc Jacobs recording the highest jump over the course of the competition."

"Fast forward two, the all-new 2022 North Orbit carried Marc Jacobs to his first KOTA title with huge air and aggressive loops. It's exactly what the Orbit has been designed to do - deliver top performance in those crazy winds." — IKSurf Mag

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