SKA Testival in Tarifa

Events: Tarifa September 2019

Sunshine, pumping wind and good vibes - what more could you ask for at the annual Spanish Kite League (SKL) competition finals in Tarifa?

We recently caught up with North fans at a recent test event in Tarifa, during the final competition of the Spanish Kite League (SKL).

North Team rider and Sales executive Annabel Van Westerop joined fellow team rider Nick Jacobsen, Sales Director Klaus Warkentin and Product Manager Uli Sommerlatt on the beach for the weekend: 

"The wind was pumping, and it was sunny every day. There was a great demo area built up around the competition, where all the latest 2020 gear could be tested," says Annabel. "Tarifa is famous for its beaches, where both Spanish people and visitors enjoy the kite conditions and good vibes. As a team, we were able to bring people the North experience from all aspects. 

"Hundreds of people were able to test out the North products, and many came back to test numerous products over the entire weekend. The feedback was extremely positive, and the general response was that expectations were exceeded.

With a strong kitesurfing culture in Spain, and a strapless freestyle competition happening right out front of the stand, the team found the most popular products at the event were the Futurelite technology surfboards.

"All three surfboards were enjoyed just as much, as everyone was able to find one of the three models aligning to their surfing needs. As the SKL was partially a strapless freestyle competition, the Comp was tested by many, and the ridge on the pad stood out as a great feature. The Cross proved to be the perfect crossover board for the choppy and windy Tarifa conditions, and the Charge was able to be tested to prove its potential in waves." 

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