Review: The North Reach with Kiteworld

Whether you’re turning the kite, sheeting in for more power or feathering the kite overhead, the connection and feedback is always very constant. Again, no peaks or troughs; no poor wifi signal. The green light is always on.
Bully (Chris Bull) and Jim Gaunt

The Reach is becoming popular with buyers because it’s one of the lightest and least physical to fly three strut all-rounders on the market. The Nexus 2 gives you weightier feedback and needs sterner steering input, while the Airush Session sits in between the Reach and the Nexus 2 in this issue’s test in terms of bar pressure. If after a long session you’ve been known to complain about a bit of elbow ache, you’ll appreciate the fingertip response and lightweight feeling of the Reach. On the beach we spoke to several riders who have recently switched to the Reach from something more bow style and they commented how easily they've been able to increase their sessions, from being quite physically tired after a couple of hours, to riding all afternoon, no problem.

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