Reach Review by Shaun Bennett

"2022 North Reach kite, the desert island kite. The ultimate one kite quiver, for travel needs, or you're a do-it-all rider. For surf, foiling, sending it huge for big-air, or even learning. The Reach is the Kite that will take you from beginner to advanced." - Shaun Bennett



Shaun Bennett takes you through the new 2022 Reach, discussing how the Kite performs even better in light-wind conditions due to the new N-DURE Dacron materials.

"The North design team has introduced the new N-DURE Dacron across the leading edges and struts for a stiffer and lighter air-frame. Combined with the open arc design, it improves the kite turning and loop ability, a real game changer for ripping on the foil." - Shaun Bennett

 The '22 North Reach is your go-to Kite. Designed to get you out before no one else and stay out whilst adapting to every rider's style, condition, and expertise.

The Reach is nimble and easy to ride, but now with a cleaner and more stable profile: maximizing rider's feedback for ultimate control. The Reach your dessert island kite. 


Find your center of gravity 

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