North sponsors Kitefest Argentina 2020

"Cuesta Del Viento" translates directly into Windy Slopes, and the spot definitely holds true to its name.

The Kitefest Argentina 2020 was held on the windy lake of Cuesta Del Viento between February 22 and 25. 
The 10th annual edition proved to be a huge success with international brands and riders present, intense competitions, and sensational nightlife. 

The journey to the event location is a beautiful drive where the landscape slowly exchanges its green colors for mountainous rough scenery. Just when you think it is impossible to kite in such a place, a massive lake appears between the mountains. Cuesta Del Viento shows the unexpected made possible with a major kiteboarding event held on the moon-like rugged landscapes of the Andes Mountains. The name "Cuesta Del Viento" translates directly into Windy Slopes, and the spot definitely holds true to its name. Mornings start calm and peaceful after which, around 2pm, the thermic wind kicks in and blows around 30-40 knots on a daily basis.

The event created the perfect combination to be exciting for everyone including kiteboarding to watch or participate in by day, and a great lineup of djs and bands by night. Over 160,000 spectators travelled from 18 countries to visit the event. A number of competitions took place during the week with the highlight being the Copa Kitefest, a big air formatted competition where national and international riders battled it out. The level was incredibly high and this year the 1st place was awarded with a North Orbit kite!

Additionally, a number of international pro riders were present who got a chance to inspire spectators during demos and clinics. This year, Annabel van Westerop represented North together with the Argentinian North distributors Santa Tabla. Santa Tabla supplies the entire country with the latest North Kiteboarding gear and also has a showroom and shop in the country's capital, Buenos Aires. The Santa Tabla team was the only brand giving visitors an opportunity to test all the gear by holding daily demos with all 2020 North products available, which proved a huge success! 

The Argentina Kitefest 2020 was a week to be remembered of epic kiteboarding action and legendary parties. 

Words by Annabel van Westerop & thanks to Santa Tabla for the photos. 

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