North Sails and North Kiteboarding set sail together for a cleaner planet this World Oceans Day.

Watch the video here.

The ocean is our playground, being on the water is our passion, and protecting it is our responsibility. So, this World Oceans Day, the North Brands have teamed up to help amplify the call on world leaders to protect 30% of our blue planet by 2030. 

Top scientists say we need half of the planet in its natural state to prevent the extinction of one million species, stay below 1.5°C, and safeguard all people that rely on nature to survive and thrive. We can start by protecting 30% by 2030. This critical need is called 30x30. By safeguarding at least 30% of the planet’s ocean through a network of highly protected areas, we can help ensure a healthy home for all.

Sign the 30x30 petition asking governments worldwide to protect at least 30% of the world’s land and ocean here.

World Oceans Day brings people together annually on the 8th June to rally support for protecting our ocean home. "Taking action to protect our ocean is not a one-time thing, it is our everyday responsibility, because like Dr. Sylvia Earle said- ‘No water, no life; no blue, no green’” - Toluwanimi Olubanke, World Oceans Day Youth Advisory Council member from Nigeria.

North Kiteboarding and North Sails’ collaboration recognises how much we all rely on our ocean playground and unifies two sports and industries through our shared responsibility - protecting and restoring our shared ocean. 

The North brand started in 1957 when Olympic gold medalist and trained engineer, Lowell North, sought to change the world of sailing through precision technology. North pioneered advanced computer modelling in the design and manufacture processes with his understanding of sail forces and structural loads. With 60 years of sailmaking technology and state of the art innovation, North Sails is the worldwide leader in sailmaking. Just like its founder, North Kiteboarding’s designers and makers are fascinated by the interplay of the elements and the eternal principles of physics. Discover North Kiteboarding technology here

As well as signing the petition to call for 30x30, here are fifteen ways you can help protect the ocean and marine animals, thanks to IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare);

Conserve water and reduce runoff: 
All water eventually finds its way to the ocean. Unfortunately, contaminated water can carry harmful chemicals that kill marine life and produce dangerous algae blooms. To reduce runoff and conserve water, you can… 
1. Take shorter showers
2. Use a rain barrel to collect water from your garden 
3. Turn off automatic watering systems in your yard when it rains 
4. Limit laundry days to when you have a full load and regularly wash small items by hand 
5. Turn the water off while brushing your teeth 
Reduce plastic usage:
Every year, millions of tons of plastic enter our ocean and threaten the lives of marine animals. Birds, dolphins, whales, and turtles become entangled in plastic and die from suffocation, starvation, or drowning. If consumed, tiny particles of plastic can cause fatal health issues for marine animals. To help protect marine life from the dangers of plastic, you can…
6. Refuse plastic straws at restaurants and bars 
7. Ask for no plastic silverware when ordering takeout 
8. Carry a reusable water bottle 
9. Recycle at home and at the workplace 
10. Participate in neighborhood and beach clean-ups