North Orbit V2 8 & 10m Kite Test Review in Kite World Magazine

Orbit V2: Tested by Jim Gaunt and Chris Bull in issue 107 of the Kite World Magazine

The North Orbit V2 may share DNA with the best five strut hang-time kites on the market, but it delivers a uniquely unphysical flying experience, combining the nimble handling of a three strut for a range of kite looping arcs with very easy but rewarding jumps and hang-time.”



After two years of raging King of the Air success, including in 2019 with the pre-launch model, the North Orbit V1 arrived with huge fanfare. A five strut kite with light steering input, it bridged the gap between the sporty kite looping nature of three struts and the thunderous hangtime stability of a five strut.

There was however one slight niggle. At the bottom end range, when you were sheeting the bar a lot and squeezing life from the back lines, there was a hint of a hiccup, occasionally needing you to sheet out a little to get the kite to move smoothly forward again. In truth, most people riding in regular ten metre conditions wouldn’t notice, but for experienced riders it was a small chink in an otherwise extremely polished big air suit of arms.

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