North Orbit Impression : MAC Kiteboarding

"The Orbit has a really intuitive and easily accessible freeride performance. Super easy to fully send a jump, and once you are up there, you realize the glide the kite has; completely effortless. You can loop that thing so well, more of a pivotal loop giving you heaps of control." - MAC kite. 



MAC Kite takes us through the flying characteristics and benefits of the '22 Orbit. The Orbit wants to ride power with its 5-strut frame. Flying better in higher winds, generating heaps of power. However, it's not an intimidating kite, and you could put anybody on the kite and potentially do lessons with it. It's a little heavy for foil and surf riding; that's where you'd switch to the Reach. The Orbit is very much a "plug and play" and easy-to-fly kite that any level rider would love - Mac Kite


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