North Next Gen Rider Noor Zirkzee

Interview with North Next Gen rider Noor Zirkzee and her mentor, Jalou Langeree.

Jalou Langeree

Q1. Please introduce your grom to us. My chosen grom is Noor, she is from my local town Noordwijk and she’s only 12 years old. She is often out kiting with her parents and older brothers that she looks up to. It almost sound identical to how I started but without the parents haha.

Q2. What’s it like riding on the water together? It’s fun riding with Noor. I see quite a lot of myself in her back when I started. She is good at riding the tough conditions of the North sea which can be a challenge with its strong current and messy waves.

Q3. How does it feel to be inspiring the next generation of riders? I love seeing the next generation blossom, especially young girls getting into the sport. That’s why I have chosen Noor and not a boy. I know the feeling of entering a male dominated sport on such a young age. So I’m happy to now stand on the sideline and see how she takes on the sport with her drive and determination.

Q4. Any advice for the next generation? Follow your joy and intuition. Have fun in what you are doing is the most important. Push if you wanna push, quit if you are loosing your motivation. If you wanna be the best, you’ll have to work hard. The road to the top isn’t easy, it can be a bumpy ride. If you’re driven by passion and commitment you can reach any goal. It all comes down to the hours you spend on the water and being smart off the water by taking good care of yourself and finding the people around you that support you and believe in your successes. 

Noor Zirkzee

Q1. What do you love about riding North? My name is Noor which in my opinion suits good with the name NORTH, my parents must have know already ;) I’m riding the Carve which I love for it’s colours and smooth and easy steering. I felt comfortable and confident riding the kite for the first time. The kite is predictable and will hopefully help me ride waves like, Jalou :)

Q2. What trick / goal are you working on this year? I’m working on a backroll to toeside. I’m lucky to have my brothers that support me. They do shout at me sometimes in a friendly way, to motivate me to try new tricks. I take things step by step in my own pace. My goal for this season is to get onto the waveboard as Jalou is my role model. I want to ride on the North Sea swells like she can.

Q3. Anything you want to add about your North mentee? What’s it like riding with them? It’s very motivating to ride with her, she makes everything looks easy. She really inspires others and that’s what I want do too. I would like to see more kids my age getting into the sport and especially girls. My cousin Nienke is completely hooked to kiting also which I'm so happy about. The whole North team seems so fun to hangout with. Having fun seems like the headline within NORTH and that’s exactly what I'm after, FUN :):)


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