North Next Gen Rider Marley Franco

Interview with North Next Gen rider Marley Franco and his mentor, Jesse Richman.

Welcome North's Next Gen!

Jesse Richman

Q1. Please introduce your grom to us. Marley Franco was born to shred! I've watched Marley grow up on Maui, and I knew he would be an excellent fit for the North team. We got him on board, and after spending a lot of time riding and hanging with Marley over the last six months, I can honestly tell you that every ounce of Marley's soul is here to have fun doing some crazy shi*z on boards. It doesn't matter the vessel (Kite, Surf, Foil, Skate, Snow, etc.); if Marley can shred it, he will, and he will do it with the biggest smile you've ever seen.

Q2. What's it like riding on the water together? Whatever the skill level, there is a very palpable distinction between riders with a certain fire and desire to progress and those who do not; Marley embodies this very fire. He goes all-in with everything he does but, our young daredevil is also very strategic. He has a cool, calm, & collected attitude that's patiently awaiting the perfect moment to pounce. Being in the ocean with Marley inspires me to give it everything I've got!

Q3. How does it feel to be inspiring the next generation of riders? Marley & the next generation inspire me. Every generation we see is stronger, smarter, and better than the last. I know that Marley and his peers will rule their sports, and it's such a pleasure to be a guide for him at times and share the lessons I've learned so that he can take our sport to uncharted heights.

Q4. Any advice for the next generation? Have fun and follow your dreams; anything can be yours if you want it bad enough.

Marley Franco

Q1. What do you love about riding North? I love North Kiteboarding because the energy of the brand is so awesome, super positive, and progressive.

Q2. What trick/goal are you working on this year? I want to get my back roll with a nose grab and a handle pass.

Q3. Anything you want to add about your North mentee? What's it like riding with them? Jesse is a pretty cool mentor, he is really energetic, and makes kiting awesome. He always has great ideas and teaches me cool stuff on and off the water.

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