New 2021 Reach and Freestyle Collections in stores now

The new 2021 Reach Performance Freeride kite, lighter than ever and ready to do it all, serves as a timely reminder that freedom is not a place. And the 2021 Freestyle collection showcases the PULSE kite, FOCUS and FLARE twin-tip boards and FIX boots - engineered and refined in 2021 for an unrivalled riding experience.


Performance Freeride

Time and tide wait for no-one.

Our top-selling Reach kite represents where freedom meets performance. We may not be free to travel the world at will, but freedom is not a place. Adventure is here and now and always ours for the taking.

The all-new 2021 Reach Performance Freeride kite is ready to do it all. Boost, loop, foil, surf - this is the adventurer's kite. In 2021 the Reach features new highest quality low-profile, low-elongation bridle lines for an even more direct response. We've also adopted lighter weight bladders across all sizes in the range, refined the shape and retuned the short responsive bridle for quick, exponential depower, so you can fly faster and more efficiently in an even wider range of conditions.

"Many people only focus on the weight of larger kites, but actually, kites are getting smaller and smaller on hydrofoils. So now it's important to have a light 7m kite and a light 9m kite too because the Reach is the kite that you typically use when you're hydrofoiling in very light conditions," says Pat Goodman. "I personally enjoy riding the Reach just because of the very balanced, light and playful feeling that it has when you're riding. It's very responsive. It's very intuitive, and it's very sporty. It's just a lot of fun."

Freestyle Collection

On Fire

2021 Freestyle is a celebration of our riders' athleticism - the power and grace of movement and relentless dedication to their craft - in a way that sets water and air on fire.

We've introduced a new material to the 2021 Pulse Freestyle Wakestyle kite, which, Pat Goodman says, changes the behaviour of the kite, because it changes the shape of the profiles. "It's imperative that the canopy where it's attached to the leading edge can grow uniformly under inflation. Replacing some of the heavier Dacron reinforcements with a new heavy-duty canopy material saves weight. It creates a smoother, more efficient profile entry, which gives you better handling and a more balanced feeling, more drive through the kite loop and a faster recovery. The refinements also improve slack line and pop."

The new Focus Freestyle/Freeride TwinTip has a progressive rocker and squarer flatter outline with a new tip shape to generate ultimate pop for aggressive freestyle moves. The 2021 pulled-in tip shape adds durability.

The 2021 Flare Wakestyle/Park TwinTip features a high wakestyle rocker, PressFlex tips and durable low-friction P-tex base, also with a new pulled-in tip shape.

The new Fix boots feature a newly extended neoprene flex zone for a greater range of movement - and new streamlined buckles for easier one-handed adjustment. North Director of Engineering Hugh Pinfold says, "Most of our competitors are just using wakeboard boots – but ours are lower cut so you can get into a solid kite position/stance for going upwind. This, combined with improved flexibility in the mid-section of the boot, allows you to lean back more and drive upwind or engage a rail." 

View the new Reach kite and Freestyle Collection here, orfind your local retailerto fly it now.

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