Matt Nuzzo from REAL Watersports reviews the new 2021 Reach

"It’s really freaking fun to ride! I think the Reach is going to be the number one selling kite in 2021 for any brand." - Matt Nuzzo

Review by REAL Watersports

"Why am I so excited about the Reach? Well in the back of my car, I only have a limited amount of space for surf gear, foil gear and kite gear. This kite I kitesurf with, I foil with, I can Twintip with, boost with, ride the park and unhook with and it’s sick for looping. You really can do all sports with the Reach kite.

A lot of people make kites that they want to be like this, but don’t actually fit the build. The Reach does! It’s right up there with any of the best I’ve ever seen.

If you want to have a great kite, that's going to do everything. I would say this is the one kite that is the jack of all trades. It just does it all for you!"

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