GKA Freestyle: Bruna takes 2nd place in Dahkla

Bruna Kajiya takes 2nd place at the GKA Freestyle event in Dahkla, with the top scoring trick of the finals!

The Women’s GKA Freestyle event in Dahkla, Morroco was a showstopper. For the penultimate event of the tour, the world’s best riders came together once again for a challenging three-day competition. 

The Brazilian rivals, Bruna Kajiya and Mikali Sol went head to head in the final, alongside Paula Novotna and Claudia Leon. 

Throughout the three day competition in Morocco, the conditions were strong and gusty. Whilst somewhat lighter during the final, the women were still riding 6 and 7m kites, battling the Western Sahara desert trade winds. 

Fierce, yet composed, Bruna first stomped down an easy s-bend to blind, before landing the highest scoring trick of the competition, an epic slim chance, scoring a whopping 8.77 points. The North 2020 Pulse Kite remained perfectly parked as she made the pass and rode out one of the hardest moves for both male and female kiters. 

Mikali Sol then retaliated with a clean backside 313 and backmobe, leaving Bruna to narrowly miss out on the title as the wind picked up. Bruna comfortably took an impressive 2nd place on the podium, with Paula in third and Claudia in fourth. 

Both Brazilian, both 3 x World Champions and both gunning for glory this year, Bruna and Mikali will battle it out for the last time this season in their home country next month. Don’t miss out on the action, follow @northkiteboarding and @brunakajiya for updates! 

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Photo credit: Ydwer van der Heide