Flare 2021 review : IKSurf Mag

"The North Flare 2021 is the dedicated wake-style and park board from North Kiteboarding. It's the board of choice of the innovative Freestyle king Tom Bridge, who is renowned for throwing down some outrageous blind moves." - IKSurf Mag Nov 2021

"While not Freeride oriented, the (Flare) board would be a strong one board quiver for those keen on the cable park and unhooked tricks on the kite.The grind on the base also creates a smooth and slick ride when hitting obstacles so that you never get that sticky feeling when riding over plastic.

The Flare is also a great board for those starting out riding boots.

The main feature that stood out to me was the huge amounts of energy that can be created by limited amounts of force imputed. A Freestyle board will never cater to everyone, but it does what it says on the tin: A Freestyle Machine." - IKSurf Mag 2021

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