Earth Day goes virtual

Celebrate with our Team Riders from around the Globe.

Our passionate team of riders constantly amaze us with their ability and to innovate and prioritize what is really important. As athletes, they are closely connected to the elements and find they have a responsibility to care for it. This Earth Day, we caught up with a few to celebrate our Mother Earth. 

Where in the world are you celebrating Earth Day? 

“I’m in Copenhagen, Denmark. Hopefully spending the day on my kiteboard.” – Nick Jacobsen

“I'm celebrating earth day in the Atlantic Ocean, in Tarifa.” – Capucine Delannoy

“I'm currently in Aruba at Annabel’s local playground where we have been winging for the past few days. Beautiful clear water and plenty of wind for riding the NOVA 3.5.” – Jalou Langeree

“I'll be in Sicily- Italy!” – Bruna Kajiya

Do you have any tips to share to help others protect our playground? 

“I feel like it’s the everyday small actions that count. Collecting rubbish on the beach, trying to use less plastic where possible and never using disposable dishes. I’m also organizing some beach clean ups where I live in Brazil. It takes only a few hours and the amount of trash you can collect is pretty impressive.” – Camille Delannoy

“I’m a proud ambassador at IFAW 'the International fund of animal welfare' and a topic I really care about is the reduction of underwater noise. High levels of noise from shipping, oil and gas exploration, naval sonar training and construction are drowning out the ocean’s natural sounds. This diminishes the ability for whales, dolphins and other marine life to communicate, feed, breed and survive. In severe cases, it can lead to injury or even death. More detail found here. - Jalou Langeree 

“This is going to be a hard task unfortunately. We are the first generation to know we´re destroying the world, and we could be the last that could do anything about it. Team-effort is the way to go I believe. There are multiple ways to go about it, such as reuse, reduce and recycle. Basically cutting down on what you throw away. Share as much knowledge that you have with the people around. Use your voice. Keep your awareness at check. And keep educating yourself on this important topic.”  – Nick Jacobsen 

What is something you really celebrate about the earth, ocean, or sky?

“I celebrate it's perfection and balance, how every organism has its role in creating a balanced life in this world. No matter how small an organism is, it plays an important part for the whole, I feel this is something we can learn from, to work in unity for a healthier world.” – Bruna Kajiya

“The fact that it is all we need to practice our sport and passion. Once you’re out there with your favorite gear, you are powered by nature, which is an incredible thing. All your worries are left at the beach once you take your first dip in the water and you become one with nature.” – Annabel Van Westerop

It’s always important to take a step back and appreciate mother nature. It is having this perspective that keeps us grounded and keeps us reaching for a better world. We hope you enjoy our Rider’s final worlds as they take a step back and tell us about their perfect day right here on Earth!

“Start the day with early morning yoga outside. Head to the beach and enjoy a coffee in my reusable cup while checking the conditions. Time to head out! Then have a mellow lunch break out of the sun to recharge for some more watertime in the afternoon. Of course ending the day watching the sunset with friends and a wine in hand.” – Annabel Van Westerop

“I think a full day outside Surfing in the morning, kiting in the afternoon and a run in the mountain at the end of the day : that would get close to the perfect day.” – Camille Delannoy

“For me a perfect day outside would be horse riding in the morning , kiting the rest of the day and going for a run as the sun is setting!” – Capucine Delannoy

“Sunny, blue skies and warm, 20 knots of wind, flat water on the inside with waves breaking outside on a raw untouched corner of our coastline.” – Bruna Kajiya 

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