Code Zero Review : Kitesurfing Mag

 "The Code Zero generates a lot of low-end pull, and with some driving and diving, even the 7 meter can get you up on freeride foil in winds you think you might need 9 or 10 meters." - Kitesurfing Mag test editor Shane Thompson. 

Shane Thompson, the Kitesurfing Mag tester, takes you through the all-NEW Code Zero. Shane discusses Code Zero's single strut frame and aerodynamic design for top-end performance and longevity. "The Code Zero kite is very light and reactive in the air, and its single strut frame and mid-aspect shape that has lots of low-end power. It's a very efficient, lightweight design that offers agile steering and stable and balanced slack line drift. In addition, aggressive loops of the Kite produce low amounts of canopy flutter compared with many single strut kites, which highlights the superb aerodynamics of Code Zero." - Shane Thompson 


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