BIG Jump - Nick Jacobsen

The one and only, Nick Jacobsen dares it all at the BIG HQ Building, designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group.


How did you find setting up your kite?

Setting up and launching the kite was the main hurtle.

When I had the permit to jump, I went into the research process straight away.

I could pick any wind direction I wanted. The North-Easterly winds were the best, as it would be a nice mellow and stable wind coming from the ocean, without any obstacles disturbing.

When laying my lines out, we noticed that I had almost no space on top of that roof. So, we had to launch the kite with slacked lines, and just hoping for the kite to catch wind before the lines would get caught up with different things popping up from the floor.

As soon as the kite was above my head flying, it was such a big relief. From that point the rest was a walk in the park.


What was your favourite thing about the BIG HQ iconic building?

 My favorite thing about this building is, its location. I have been kiting a few times around the area, and always thought to myself, that it would be great to fly off one of these buildings one day.

The architecture is quite mind blowing. The attention to details is next level. When walking around inside the building, there´s just small things catching your eye constantly. A piece of art.


How did you feel on the day about the jump?

I felt great after the jump. I was not too happy with my first descent, so I decided to jump it again.
After my second jump, I rushed home to pick up my son from daycare.