2024 Freestyle Collection and new Pulse kite

Innovation requires iteration. Relentless repetition. Resilience. With the new Freestyle collection from North, our riders seek ways to challenge the status quo, allowing themselves to be humbled by the process. Success rarely comes without trial and error - it requires patience, persistence, and a willingness to unlearn and relearn. 10,000 hours to master your craft? Let your journey to mastery start here. 
North Actionsports

North Team RiderTom Bridgeon the Pulse. Photo Miles Taylor.

- Tom Bridge, Pro Rider -

North Actionsports

North Team Rider Jesse Richman on the 2024 Focus. Photo Miles Taylor.

- Jesse Richman, King of the Air 2020 -

- Hugh Pinfold, North Director of Design and Engineering -

North Actionsports

North Team Rider Tom Bridge on the Flare. Photo Miles Taylor.

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