118ft of Freedom Movie Premiere with Jalou Langeree

In a typically male dominated industry, 3x kitesurf world champion Jalou Langeree wanted to prove that women can do it just as well, if not better and set out to exactly that. Joined by Olivia Jenkins and Catharina Edin, they went on a trip to find one of the most mesmerising left handers to kite in the world - Flame Balls in the South Coast of Madagascar. 

To reach this place, they embarked on a journey aboard a 118ft ship named ‘Luna Moon’, which provided living quarters in proximity to the unique wave spot. To be able to kite in waves the right combination of swell and wind direction must appear, thus sometimes that means you have to wait. But if you wait long enough there is a high chance of scoring the conditions of the lifetime.


Learn more about Jalou Langeree here

Movie by Mintautas Grigas. 

Still Photography by Ydwer van der Heide.