Why does Nick Jacobsen love his Atmos?

The Danish daredevil has garnered a bit of a reputation for huge crazy stunts - here he talks to The Kite Mag about his ultimate board - the Atmos Carbon.

“Nick Jacobsen is undisputedly one of the most versatile kitesurfers on the planet.”

Therefore, he needs a board that suits all conditions. The Atmos Carbon is the perfect board for Nick, due to the Dynamic Flex, which allows you to ride in comfort, with precise edge control for carving.

“Being a part of North from the very beginning I got to test and co-develop on all the products. Riding so many different conditions all the time, I’m looking for a lot of things in a board. The most important things for me are the rocker and outline. The more square the outline is, the more edge you hold, and you are able to jump higher" says Nick. 

Nick rides the Flex straps on his Atmos as the "connection and comfort is unreal". Discover the hand crafted design of the Flex here

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