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North NOVAFreeride


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The Nova Freeride is a balanced, easy-to-use all-round wing with a wide wind range, low end power, high-end stability, and light, intuitive handling. For 2024 we've introduced Carbon UDi Technology into the wingtips, stiffening the airframe and enabling it to snap back into ... shape faster after tricks and manoeuvres. We've also changed the draft position and depth, making the wing even more balanced and user-friendly. The new N-X6 Trailing Edge panel and Radial Load Diffuser ensure more even tensioning and a tighter canopy for enhanced performance. Master of the lumps and bumps, upwind glide, roll through tacks, float through gybes, or lofty jumps with bonus hangtime. Whatever goal you’re chasing, the Nova will send you there faster.

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  • Suits new riders to seasoned pros
  • Stable geometry with nose-positive lift
  • Compact outline for upwind efficiency
  • New Radial Load Diffuser for even tensioning
  • Balanced trailering for riding swell
  • Maximum low-end power for instant up & go
  • New effective wide-angle windows
  • Intuitive rigid control handles
  • Soft TPU Handle Bumper minimises damage to rider and board
  • Independent double chamber HyperFlow
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Engineered for stability and easy handling
  • Excellent loft and hangtime


  • Anti-deflection Carbon UD wingtip stiffening
  • N-X6 Trailing Edge Panels for shape-hold over time
  • N-HTRS High Performance Canopy Material
  • Durable and Lightweight Dacron Airframe
  • Lightweight bladders
  • Strategic STPU Scuff Protection

Wing, Wing Handles, Handle Bumper, Wrist Wing Leash, Bag, Repair Kit

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Carbon UDi Technology

We’ve positioned anti-deflection uni-directional carbon tapes inside the leading edge in strategic high-load areas to provide additional wingtip stiffening while keeping the wing lightweight and responsive.
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"The Nova makes riding in surf and gusty conditions feel easy, and I’m confident riding in light winds or when the wind drops."

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