Welcome to Team North Jett Bradshaw!

We are extremely excited to welcome Jett Bradshaw to our team of international riders.

Having only been introduced to kiteboarding at the age of 17, Jett Bradshaw at 21 is breaking down kiteboarding barriers and fast tracking himself to the top. 

Jett is forever seeking to stoke the fire within, having competed in extreme sports his entire life. At a young age he had a love for dirt bikes, surfing and skateboarding.

“I’ve always wanted to become a professional sportsman in an adrenaline related discipline… I never thought it would be kiting, but now I couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”  - Jett Bradshaw 

In the beginning of his career, Jett was fortunate to spend time with Willow Tonkin in Tamarin Bay. Most recently, Jett has been working closely with fellow Cape Town local, Graham Howes from our international team.

Jett fits right into the North Team with a strong mentality to work hard and play hard. He’ll have you in sitting on the edge of your seat one minute and in fits of laughter the next.

Mike Raper, Brand Director at North Kiteboarding says;

"We are stoked to welcome another Big Air rider to the team. Jett's passion and enthusiasm for sending it is infectious. He is pushing the limits in Cape Town, always seeking to go big on every jump. We feel very lucky to have him on the North team and we are excited to see his progression within the sport. Welcome to the team Jett!" 

It all happens on the water for Jett, the visualization and then the execution.

The water is where you learn the most, where you can see other riders do something gnarly and then take it and put your own spin on the moves.” - Jett Bradshaw

Jett thrives when pushing himself to the absolute limits. At the moment Jett is focused on short line tricks, such as a short line boogy.

Jett’s sights are currently set on competing at the Mega Loop Challenge and in a few years, taking on King of the Air. If you’re lucky you might catch him practicing at some of his favorite spots; either Misty Cliffs or Blouberg in Cape Town and at the big left on One-Eye in Mauritius.

We cannot wait to see where he takes the sport next!

Watch Jett’s announcement video here 

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