Soul soaring in Patagonia

Three kiters, three wing-foilers. Adventure time for the North family in Argentina.
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With its beautiful waters, pristine views, snowy mountains, and welcoming locals, Patagonia became the backdrop for an adventure that was not merely about kiting or wingfoiling. It was an adventure for the soul – filled with many, many campfires, BBQs and gin and tonics on islands, snowboarding, empanadas, horseriding, fishing and impromptu dancing to stay warm.

North Team riders Nick Jacobsen, Graham Howe, Jett Bradshaw, Fabi Muhmenthaler, Chucho Nonnot and Bowien van der Linden joined camera crew Kyle Cabano, Leo Hochgrassl, Matias Cornalino, Marcos Aguirre for a whirlwind 10 days hosted by Santa Tabla.

"It was one of the wildest trips we had ever been on; each day that passed blew our expectations out of the water, from the sunsets in Santa Tabla to mountaintops glazed with an enchanting blanket of fresh snow. Together, we winged on icy lakes, kiteboarded on melting snow rivers and drank never-ending flasks of steamy maté tea."

Adiós, for now, Argentina, but our memories of Patagonia will linger on, etched in our hearts forever.
-The North team
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