Review by REAL Watersports: 2021 Surfboard Lineup

"North’s done an amazing job with their construction. In a world of surfboards and advanced constructions and kiteboards have been made forever, North came up with a line of construction that just trumped everyone. " - Matt Nuzzo

Review by REAL Watersports

Matt Nuzzo from REAL Watersports reviews the new 2021 North Surfboard lineup.

"This board was amazing in the 2020 version and for 2021 they made subtle changes that makes it faster rail to rail, go upwind better and just a better version of itself. How could you make one of my favourite kite surfboards better? And they did. They just made small tweaks instead of screwing it up and made it better."

"Each one of these boards has no question the best traction pad I’ve used on any board that I’ve ever used."

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