North Seek 2024 | Wing Foil Review

North Seek 2024: Alvaro Bajo, North's ambassador, reviews the North Seek 2024 main features and feelings compared to the previous model.

Hi! I’m Alvaro Bajo, Madrileño living by the sea in A Coruña (Spain). After having practiced literally all water sports, I began my wing foil journey in May'21 to become my favourite by far! 

My best sessions sor far have been at Esmelle (local), Pozo Izquierdo (national) and Lake Garda (international). I’m quite sure my coming trip to Mauritius will change this a little bit haha.

My wing foil setup is the Nova Pro, Seek 4’6” and Sonar MA850v2 combined with the S208 stab, CF85 mast and C600 fuselage. I stared surf foiling a week ago and I’m totally hooked! I ride the Swell 4’6” and the Sonar SF930 combined with the S215 stab, CF72 mast and C600 fuselage.

My goal is to motivate people to get into foiling, choose the best gear and improve their technique by creating videos for my YouTube channel (