North Next Gen Rider Maxwell Dahl

Interview with North Next Gen rider Maxwell Dahl and his mentor Nick Jacobsen.

Nick Jacobsen

Q1. Please introduce your grom to us. I’m excited to introduce this young ripper, Max. He has been kiteboarding for 2 years. Max is from Denmark and is 10 years old.

Q2. What´s it like riding on the water together? When I’m not traveling, I always get a session in with this little dude. I cannot stop noticing how he keeps trying to mimic some of my moves, which is cool to see. I get super inspired by his approach towards the sport. It´s a lot like mine.

 Q3. How does it feel to be inspiring the next generation of riders? It feels amazing to inspire the next generation for sure. It’s incredible to be in a position that allows me to do so. I´m so grateful for what kiteboarding has given me, and I want to pass that onto the youth.

Q4. Any advice for the next gen? Keep doing what you love. There will be as many ups as there are downs. But if the passion and love for what you do stays strong, you can achieve amazing things. Take the advice from the people that inspire you. Nurture your craft. And always be humble.

Maxwell Dahl

Q1. What it’s like riding with your mentor? I always look forward to riding together with Nick Jacobsen. I like his style and try to imitate him and how he pulls off his tricks. I look up to Nick as a mentor and admire how much he has achieved in his kiting career. When I watch him kite, I get a lot of inspiration from his tricks, which gives me the confidence to try them myself. He is also a really nice, laid-back guy who is always positive and brings good vibes.

Q2. What trick/goal are you working on? Right now, I’m working on a double backroll to blind and improving my kiteloop late backroll. I try to get out on the water after school and on the weekends whenever there is wind. When there is no wind, I go down to the cable park for a couple hours or work on my balance on my skateboard. My favourite trick is the inverted front roll which I do every session. Ultimately my goal is to be the youngest competitor in Redbull King of the Air.

Q3. What do you love about riding North? I love North because they support riders of all ages, even as young as myself. I like that they are an international brand and have team riders from different countries representing the sport all over the world. I feel like I am a part of a family who are as excited about kiting as I am. I am very proud to have the support of a cool brand like North and am humbled to be recognized and supported.


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