2022 Surf Collection - It's in our blood, pumping.

No-one can stop the waves... continuing to take inspiration from the unbreakable bond between riders and the elements, our new North 2022 Surf Collection harnesses the power of water, the water inside you and the water that carries you.

Brand Director Mike Raper is excited to share the new range: “I think anyone who has experienced that feeling of riding down the line, on and on and on, will feel an instant connection to our new Surf collection. With the North 2022 Range, we invite you to let go of yourself, and merge with the power of the elements. For Surf, that element is water. It feels primal, that urge to be one with the ocean. And the new Carve and surfboards are designed to provide the connection.”

The new Surf collection encompasses both wave-riding and strapless freestyle in a perfectly crafted range of kite, surfboards and accessories. It joins the recently released North Big Air collection, Astra and Trace in stores from 20 October.

Hot off the press for 2022 is a totally new dynamic bridle system on the Carve, which gives the kite a very light, but direct steering initiation. The North Design team says their main objective this year with the Carve was to get a more pivot-y turn out of the steering and a more exponential depower on the bar. For 2022, they’ve introduced a multi-cascade, load-diminishing bridle which gives you a lot of movement at the kite in a shorter amount of travel on the bar. They have also further reduced the weight of the Carve by using lighter bladders in more sizes and reducing the amount of heavy reinforcement material, thereby improving the overall behaviour of the kite in light wind and down-the-line riding.

North Team Riders Jesse Richman, Jalou Langeree, Camille Delannoy and Capucine Delannoy are blown away by the performance of the new range, especially the new Dynalite Carbon Comp. 

North Surfboard Designer Jaimie Scott says: “With the new Comp the main benefit, other than its durability, is that it is very easy to light and easy to handle. The feeling it gives is more like a flexible twin tip - with feet on a thin object you feel more connected to the water surface. It feels like you can push this board harder with more control.”

North Team Rider Camille Delannoy agrees. “The Strapless discipline is growing fast – we see so many new tricks in every competition that no-one has seen before. And because we need the board to stick the board to our feet, the stronger the wind, the more impressive the tricks are. I really liked the 2021 Comp, but then I started riding the 2022 Comp Dynalite and I couldn’t go back. In terms of performance, you can’t compare it. You have way more control, and you can do more with it. Where I was doing one tiktak in every trick before, now I do two in every trick. I used to do double frontrolls, now I can do triple frontrolls. Tricks I was only able to do at 35knots, I can now do in 20knots. It gives me extra motivation and an advantage over other competitors, even if we get shitty wind in competitions. Everything is easier.” 

What's New:

Surf / Strapless Freestyle

The chase is on

The 2022 Carve features a new Active Load Distribution Bridle system, fine-tuned for the most direct pivot steering possible, to deliver a faster livelier feel, greater stability and wind range. We’ve further reduced weight for improved static balance and performance, without affecting strength and durability. New lighter weight bladder material in more sizes. 

Sizes: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 


Strapless Freestyle 

Half the volume. Twice the performance.

Thinner, more durable and even more responsive, our new DynaLite carbon-reinforced Comp is an ultra-light, low volume shape evolved for explosive pop, higher jumps and cleaner landings in every condition. Compact in size and very grabbable, with recessed deck, new full-length bottom channel with centre-V, and fast-release tail for maximum traction and control.

Sizes: 4’10, 5’0, 5’2


Performance Surf 

Down the line

A fast, dedicated high-performance surf shape with Carbon Innegra Futurelite to maximise strength without losing flex or responsiveness. For 2022 the Charge has a slightly narrower width overall and finer, low volume rails, more concave forward of the front foot and slightly retuned fin angles for smoother tighter turns.

Sizes: 5’5, 5’7, 5’9, 5’11


Freeride Surf

Skate the surf 

A smooth carving, super comfortable all-round freeride board with Carbon Innegra Futurelite reinforcement. Lively and responsive, with effortless acceleration and drive off the rail, and solid pop for freestyle tricks. The ultimate all-rounder, instantly familiar, intuitive and easy to ride.

Sizes: 5’0, 5’2, 5’4


Hexcel Coremat

Lightweight fibreglass raked thruster surf fins for smooth control and projection. Our unique North fin base shape does not require FCSII infills. Fins sold separately.

Sizes: M, L


Surf Loop

One of five toolless interchangeable loops for the Navigator Control System. New hoop shape where the loop inserts into the Quick Release ensures less sand can get into the mechanism, for safer, more secure connections. The Slide loop is for use with a rope harness, for kitesurfing or kitefoiling.


The 2022 Surf Collection is in store and available to demo at your local North Kiteboarding retailer from 20 October 2021.

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