Windance Reviews : '22 Charge Surf Board

"The board itself has got a continuous rocker on it, so it's designed for waves from waist-height to just overhead. The charge still wants you to pop some strapless freestyle on it." - Bill from Windance Board Shop. 



In Bill's first look at the '22 Charge he discusses the new narrower performance-based outline that provides better control with nicer rail engagement making for better control in the pocket.

"The double concave has an all-around dampening effect. With some freestyle elements, however not with the traditional blunt nose, the board still allows you to throw it around." - Bill from Windance.  

Developed for surfing and engineered for kitesurfing, the '22 North Charge rides like a high-performance surfboard. Turning hard in the pocket and releasing on demand, it excels in carving, has fantastic upwind drive for onshore riding, and is versatile enough to pop strapless freestyle tricks with ease. Commit to the wave and have the confidence to charge.

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