The Kite Mag with Jesse Richman

Jesse Richman’s permanent base on Maui meant his North photoshoot potential was unscuppered by the pandemic. He still managed to deliver the eye candy, as well as these mighty fine words reflecting on home, family, life, good vibes, surf gear and the importance of waveriding to him. Feature: The Kite Mag Photos: Dayanidhi Das, Fish Bowl Diaries and Frankiebees

Maui Moments

"This year tested us all in so many new ways; what a crazy time to be alive. Maybe, in the end, it will be good for the planet or perhaps it will be the end of it. I personally believe that life will go on because, as terrible as humans can be at times, we’re pretty freaking resilient, and we have an impressive capacity to adapt and evolve. Amid the great pandemic, most things on my schedule vanished entirely; one event that held firm was the 2021 North surf shoot. The shoot was scheduled to occur on Maui with the North kitesurfing team, but like everything this year, the original vision got blasted out of the stratosphere and into oblivion. When the world went into a never-before-seen state of lockdown, it became clear that Jalou Langeree and Camille Delannoy were not going to make it to Maui. So, we did what we do best and adapted to the conditions. The North design team sent out all the new 2021 surf equipment to Jalou, Camille, and me to test and shoot it from our respective corners of the globe."

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