Review by Surf FX: 2021 Atmos

"One of the best freeride boards on the market, the North Atmos is our choice for Big Air" - Jon Eddy, Surf FX

Review by Surf FX

Jon Eddy from Surf FX reviews the new 2021 North Atmos TwinTip Board. 

"It's made to hold an edge, load the kite and to go big."

"A very solid freeride board. These are great for edging in chop and have the precision edge to really boost and get big air." 

"What you want on a board you're going to go big on, is a board that's not distorting too much when you edge really hard just before you load it. Keeping it stiff, particularly between the feet, keeps it nice and fast and gives you a really solid edge to push against to send the kite to launch."

"They've done a few things to address riding in choppy water. Up through the nose, there is a bit of a concave and v-set up to disperse the water and smooth things out quite a bit."

"Flex wise on these boards, the carbon is a stiffer board, it does have a very different response rate to it because it's a full carbon board. The Hybrid's not too far behind but it's a little bit softer, a little bit more forgiving."

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