Review by Shaun Bennett: 2021 Navigator

"They're still using our SK99 Lines. Top of the line lines. Super strong and reliable. When it's blowing 40 knots, don't hesitate, just send it! They've got you." - Shaun Bennett

Review by Shaun Bennett

Shaun Bennett reviews the new North 2021 Navigator Control System.

"How much easier can things be? Shazam! Lock it in, load it up, get ready to send it!"

"The grip is quite a bit softer, in the hands so that's definitely better for sending it in some strong wind."

"2021 is a super sick bar. It's got some nice little upgrades: You're definitely going to feel the comfort in your hands, if you grab the bar backwards you're going to notice right away; The line winder buggies are a bit thicker; We've got a nice unspinning mechanism swivel on the safety line keeping you safe secure and ready to send it, all the time!"

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