Review by Elite Watersports: 2021 Cross

“This board has great features for holding a strong edge with your kite and getting upwind, going through the line-up, charging down the line, getting nice snappy turns on the wave. This board just does it all.” - Ben Sampson

Review by Elite Watersports

Ben Sampson from Elite Wartersports reviews the new North 2021 Cross Surfboard. 

“This board is really nice in the Gulf area, where we are, because you get the luxury of a freestyle board and a wave board.”

“The Cross is the midline board between the North Charge - getting down the wave, charging literally down the line, going in all kinds of conditions. Small mushy waves, washing machine out to the really big surf overhead. The Charge is going to do it. And then you’ve got the Comp, your freestyle strapless board, getting aired out and then still having fun on the waves. This is the Cross. The Cross is a blend between the two boards.”

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