'22 Preview with Jesse Richman : Kitesurfing Mag

"It's hard to change something that has worked so well for all the riders. The Orbit has been on the KOTA podium for multiple years since it came out. We've been making it more stable in the most extreme conditions, but it's still what i'll throw my dad on. " Jesse talking about the '22 Orbit



Jesse Richman in the Kitesurfing Mag's interview discussing the reliability of the Orbit: "During KOTA, I was riding the Orbit for the event. It was just a one-day experience. You feel this energy build throughout the day, and to have equipment you can rely on and know exactly what it will do without thinking about it is crucial; with the Orbit, It can do that." - Jesse Richman

Jesse Richman talking through the re-designed bridal on the '22 Carve. 
"This year is exciting, we've completely redesigned the bridals. The new bridal features a cascading multi-tow point bridal. The kite feels more solid and stable in the sky, adding even more, depower to the kite. We've tried to figure out how you have a kite that drifts really well and is incredibly stable, snappy and drifts really well, and the carve achieves that goal." - Jesse 


Jesse Richman discussing some of the design features and sensations he gets from the Charge. "The 5'7'' has a lot of curve in it, so for a strapless rider, it's ideal to help carve and has a lot of drive to it. Jamie Scott, Our surf designer with a hardcore surfing background. He made a board to bridge the gap between the two feelings, so this board feels like a classic short board but tuned for kiting. The 5'7'' is my perfect strapless board, but when I want to go super aggressive, I ride the 5'5'' with straps. That size is really sharp and fast and holds a line well for the rough, choppy conditions. " - Jesse Richman 


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