Matt Nuzzo reviews the '22 North Nova

"North has designed this wing really well. The wing doesn't want to flip over all time. It's really stable and always ready to go. The wing just feels organic, which is awesome" - Matt Nuzzo 



Matt Nuzzo takes us through the newly implemented rigid handles and compact wing design on the Nova V2. "The control bars on the wing are freaking awesome. For controlling the wind, you naturally find the right-hand placement you need. In addition, you have total manipulation over the wing itself due to the control you get from the bars. The chopped-off wing tips are super squared-off, so when the wing touches the water, it bounces right off" - Matt Nuzzo

Whether your focus is on the flow of freeride carving, riding open ocean waves or freestyle trickery, the Nova Wing will help you make the most of your local conditions.

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