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North Actionsports
North Actionsports

Foiling prodigy and latest signing to the North Foils team, Chucho Nonnot’s enthusiasm for adventure and foiling is catching.​​

"Adventure is what life is all about. I'm excited to see what the future holds for us in this rapidly growing sport. One thing is for sure, wherever I go the foiling gear will come with me."

North Actionsports

Chucho started surfing 5 years ago in Anglet, France with his father.

"We spent a lot of time in the water together. Since my first wave, I knew I would be addicted to this exceptional sport my whole life."

A year later he discovered foiling...

Born to Dutch and French parents, the 18-year-old has lived most of his life on a small island in the Caribbean named Saint-Marten (Saint-Martin), where the conditions are perfect for winging, surf foiling, kiting, or downwinders.

He was the first person to cross Saint-Barth to Saint-Martin, foiling almost 35km in under two hours.

“The feeling of staying on the foil and surfing for such a long period of time is second to none. I can't recommend it enough."

With the unprecedented growth of foiling, Chucho's riding has evolved as fast as the product he rides.

He’s taken the foiling scene by storm, winning prone foiling contests since 2021.

"His foiling skills are next level." - Tonic Mag.

“I’m loving the freedom of the Nova, Swell & Sonar MA1050,” says Chucho. “They can do everything. The 4.2 Nova Wing perfectly combines power and control - it’s the best wing for wave riding and freestyle. The Swell 4’4, Sonar Foil Edition and MA1050 is the setup I use for almost everything."

With his own hunger for adventure and foiling, Chucho is another one to follow.