Review by Kook Proof: 2021 Orbit

"The 2020 Orbit was out of this world if you like to fly, the 2021 Orbit is the same, just refined. This is one of the best, if not the best Big Air kite." - Tiago Rocha

Review by Kook Proof Activity Centre

Tiago Rocha from Kook Proof compares to 2020 and 2021 North Orbit and Navigator Control System.

"The most significant difference in the 2021 Navigator is the added safety line swivel that helps that line to rotate." "The quick-release is still one of the best out there"

"In lighter winds, the Orbit's back stall issues seemed to have disappeared and the kite seems to have a better low-end performance. In strong winds, the kite seems softer and more comfortable to ride."

"The Kite bag is more or less the same, just greener. The North Kite Bag is made from recycled materials." "Making it greener says a lot about the company with the world and nature in mind when they make their products."

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