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Red Bull King of the Air

Cape Town, South Africa

25 November – 10 December 2023

Tune in here for the latest from Blouberg, Cape Town as the riders ramp up and be in to win a Limited Edition Atmos.

North Kiteboarding is proud to partner once again with Red Bull King of The Air, an event that celebrates the power of the elements and our athletes like no other.

Recognised as the single biggest driver of progression in the sport of Big Air kiteboarding, the 11th Red Bull King of the Air will run in Blouberg Cape Town, South Africa in the wind window 25 November to 10 December 2023.
18 of the world’s best kiteboarders will descend upon Blouberg Beach for some massive air and huge scores.

North Brand Director Mike Raper said:

"Once again, we are incredibly proud to be the unwavering sponsor of this premier event. We believe in Big Air more than ever before, and we love to follow the athletes as they push the boundaries of what is possible. We are extremely excited to let the drama unfold and see who will ultimately take out the title. Bring it on."

Representing North in 2023 are the 2021 King, Marc Jacobs (New Zealand), Luca Ceruti (South Africa), Cohan Van Dijk (Netherlands) and Next Gen rider Jose San Carreira.

Cohan van Dijk North X Red Bull King of the Air 2023 Challenger

Cohan: “It feels amazing planning towards an event like Red Bull King of the Air. Cape Town is my favourite place and that really shows off my riding. I'm planning to push it a little more this year!” 
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Luca Ceruti North X Red Bull King of the Air Challenger
Luca: “The past 2 months I’ve have had KOTA as my focus. I have been working super close with my coach Ruan to push my mind and body to levels I never thought possible. This is going to be a fun event.” 
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Marc Jacobs North X Red Bull King of the Air Challenger 2023Marc: “For Red Bull King of the Air this year. I’m definitely in a better head space mentally and physically. Last year, I never got into the flow state as I did in 2021 when I won. I’m looking at doing everything possible to find the flow again for this year and perform my best.”
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Josue San FerreiraJosue San: “It’s been a dream being in King of the Air. I think all athletes, when they start kitesurfing, it’s a dream for them. And for a little Brazilian, who doesn’t give up and keeps on training – I just can’t believe it. I’m just so grateful.”
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Sunday and Monday look like reasonable strength with reasonable kickers but unfortunately not the super-strong winds we are looking for... 

Wind is forecast at SW 22 knots. Gusts up to 30 knots.

Swell is forecast to be West 1.8m at a 10-second period. High Tide: 3:03pm Tide Height: 1.7m  


(Thanks to Red Bull Content Pool)

Red Bull King of the Air is the world’s most extreme Big-Air kiteboarding contest, featuring invited riders from around the globe. Riders are judged based on the height of their jumps, variety of tricks, and style.

The 2023 fleet is composed of the top three finishers from 2022, winners from the Red Bull King of the Air Qualifier Series and the winners of the Online Qualifier. The 18-rider fleet will be an exciting blend of past champions, well-known big air competitors and fresh new faces looking to take over the throne. The rider who brings the complete package of height, power, extremity, technique and innovation will be crowed the new King.

Lorenzo Casati, Jamie Overbeek and Andrea Principi automatically qualified for the 2023 event thanks to their podium finishes in 2022. The 2023 fleet also comprises winners from Red Bull King of the Air qualifying satellite events, as well as selected video entrants.

Beto Gomez, who won the Argentina Kite Fest qualifier event held in March, and Liam Whaley, who placed highest among non-qualified riders at the Red Bull Megaloop event in Holland, earned their spots through the Red Bull King of The Air qualifier events. Joining them are a host of the world's finest Big Air riders, selected through a rigorous video judging contest. A panel of judges assessed and selected the top video entries by applying the same criteria as they would if the riders were performing live during the event.

"It's an exciting time for the Big Air discipline," said Red Bull King of the Air Sports Director Sergio Cantagalli. "It's truly heartening to see this new generation of talented individuals dominate the sport." Cantagalli added, "In essence, we can proudly declare that we've ushered in a new era of extreme kiteboarding, successfully injecting fresh vitality into the sport. Undoubtedly, a changing of the guard is evident in the discipline. A striking example is that out of the entire riders' contingent, eight competitors are under 21 years old."

The average age across the entire fleet is 20, with the eldest being 35, the indomitable Aaron Hadlow, a two-time winner.


Aaron Hadlow (England)

Airton Cozzolino (Italy)

Andrea Principi (Italy)

Arthur Guillebert (France)

Beto Gomez (Colombia)

Cohan van Dijk (Netherlands)

Edgar Ulrich (France)

Giel Vlugt (Netherlands)

Jamie Overbeek (Netherlands)

Jason van der Spuy (South Africa)

Jeremy Burlando (Spain)

Joshua Emanuel (South Africa)

Josue San De Carvalho Ferreira (Brazil)

Lorenzo Casati (Italy)

Luca Ceruti (South Africa)

Marc Jacobs (New Zealand)

Stijn Mul (Netherlands)

Timo Boersema (Netherlands)


The event first took place in Ho’okipa, Maui in the early 2000s before moving to Blouberg, Cape Town in 2013. It has served as the single biggest driver of progression in the sport of Big Air kiteboarding, with riders pushing the limits of amplitude, variety, execution and difficulty grade of the tricks to earn the crown.

North rider Jesse Richman (Hawai’i) held the title in 2013 and 2020. Nick Jacobsen (Denmark) won the crown in 2017 and was runner up in 2020. Marc Jacobs (NZ) took home the crown in 2021.

This is Big Air.
Courage is calling.

North X Red Bull King of the Air
Proudly brought to you by North

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