Tarifa GKA Recap: North Men's Team

The Three Kings took on the challenge of the Biggest Big Air Event of the Year, and here is our recap with Jesse Richman, Camille Delannoy Luca Ceruti, Nick Jacobsen and Marc Jacobs.

For Marc Jacobs, it was not the result he expected "Humble in victory and humble in defeat.".

"It wasn't my day. I was struggling with the lack of experience in these conditions and at this spot."

"This is my motivation for the next one. The grind never stops.".

The competition level was insane, pushing our riders to another level.

Jesse Richman went in with the intent to do the biggest handle pass ever. However, with the challenging conditions, it wasn't what he wanted.

"I'm stoked I landed it, especially considering what the day had brought. The wind was crazy, super gusty, so unhooking was rough, but I like crazy winds."

Jesse then had an unfortunate drop out of the sky on an attempted contra loop board off. "I finished the heat with one more trick and got the win." Although the pain from his fall got worse.

Jesse did not step back, it was a challenge, yet he still made it into the quarter-finals. "My Kite Loop game was very off as I couldn't bend down to grab my board, but I finally found a good gust and went for it."

"The feeling of getting whipped up in 20-40 knots of wind unhooked and going for the pass… feels incredible.". 


Blown away by the new blood on the scene, we must mention the new kid on the block: Luca Ceruti, who has been working hard to fine-tune his mind and body. Ready to take the Big Air scene by storm.

"I can honestly say that was a fun competition! Looking back, I am super happy with my riding and looking forward to the next one.".

We must also make a special mention to Camille Delannoy, who just missed the podium and placed fourth.

"I came into the Big Air World Cup with the goal of being on the podium, and I got (very) close to it. I learned a lot. I know what I have to do to step up my game.".

"I'm more motivated than ever.".

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