Matt Nuzzo Reviews : '22 North Seek & MA Foil

Matt Nuzzo & Designer Hugh Pinfold Review the '22 North Seek & MA Foil.

"The silver bullet for someone my size, if you only had one foil. You could surf it, wake foil it, Kite foil it, and you can wing it, can do everything." - Matt Nuzzo, on the 1200 MA foil. 


"The MA's stock setup is just very user-friendly, very easy to ride, very high-quality carbon" - Matt Nuzzo's general overview on the Medium aspect foil range. 

Designer Hugh Pinfold talks about the new shape of the '22 Seek. "This Year, all our boards have gotten shorter. If you were on a 5'5", you'll now be one of the 5'1".

"We've removed the channeling and flattened the tail section. It's quite flat now, with a little bit of rocker, which will help you get up on the early planning. In the front, we've added a little more rocker in the nose, with a double concave to make it even more forgiving.". 

Hugh explains the benefit of Prepreg carbon, "All our wings are made with Prepreg carbon, so you get a much more consistent lamination. This means you're going to get a much lighter wing". 

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