Environmentally Conscious Materials

At North we support the fundamental movement towards sustainable production and consumption, reducing the plastic in our oceans and promoting a cleaner future. Our goal is to increase our use of recycled materials in all products.

One of the ways we have done this is by using recycled fabric for our kite and wing bags. The fabric used is certified to the Global Recycling Standard (GRS), an international, voluntary, full product standard that helps to ensure businesses like ours are moving towards a cleaner future. The GRS verifies recycled materials, ensures social and environmentally responsible production, and eliminates the use of chemicals with potential for harm. The GRS standard is run by Textile Exchange.

Every North Kite and Wing Bag is made from an average 33 recycled PET Plastic bottles. The manufacturing process takes PET Plastic bottles from the recycling and shreds them into tiny pieces. These pieces are then heated and fed through an extruding machine to create long fibers. Next the fibers are torn apart until they resemble a material similar to wool, ready to be dyed. In the final stage the fibers are spun into yarn, ready to be woven into fabric. 

This process is also used to manufacture the recycled fabric in our Accessories range for the ‘Rescued and Renewed’ FlexFit hats. 

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Rescued and Renewed.

FlexFit is a manufacturing company that has responded to the need for sustainable products, and supports companies like North in our journey to be more innovative and environmentally responsible. We’ve teamed up with FlexFit to include the ‘Rescued and Renewed’ Collection in our accessories range. 

Why is using recycled material important?

If single-use plastic is recycled, it is less likely to end up in our oceans. The more companies that can incorporate recycled plastic into their production, the more of a demand there will be for the material, resulting in increased incentive to collect and recycle single use plastics. Creating more of an incentive for recycling helps save the oceans we play in from devastating pollution.

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